Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was spent 20 some kilometres north of town camping at Tasirlak.  A few families including us have set our tents in the same spot for the last couple of years.  I makes a for a cozy and safe tent city as we can rely on each other.  Tasirlak is also where the Easter games took place on Easter Monday so it was a convenient location to be.  It was our first time having the dogs pull a fully loaded sled with the whole family (a had done a solo test run by myself the weekend before).  There was a 4 dog race that took place on the Monday which I partook in with an 8 year old, a 2 year old and two 7 month old pups.  They did remarkably well.  All I hoped for was to be able to finish the race, but in the end I placed 5th and walked away with a hundred bucks.  Not bad.

                                          Waterproof Iqartiliik
                                          Two Cuties
                                          Fire in the hole
                                          Irnik 5 Gallon
                                         Tasialuk Racing (the only race I know of where you can drink tea while racing)
                                          Approaching the finish line

                                         Apuukuu while Anaana sleeps
                                         Checking out the dogs on a misty Tuesday
                                          The results of that mist later in the morning on the way home

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