Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pond Inlet Sea Kayak / Mittimatalik Qajaq

Here are some shots from the trips guided out of Pond Inlet this past August.  As usual I had a wonderful time and I'm pretty sure the groups I brought out did too.  Eating gourmet camp food and travelling with good equipment in such a wonderful part of Inuit Nunangat makes it hard to not have a wonderful time.  Pond Inlet and the surrounding area, the traditional and current territory of Tununirmiut is absolutely stunning, full of wildlife and rich with Inuit culture both past and present. I was fortunate enough this year to be able to plan ahead and use some points to get my sweetheart and son up to Pond for some camping before I returned home. The few people I know there made us feel very welcome and came and checked on us at our beach campsite outside of town.  Some people lent us gear and others made sure our stomachs were full by providing us with maattaq.  Nakurmiik!

Many thanks are due to the wonderful people of Pond Inlet.  Sheatie Tagak, Rita at Inns North, Charlie Inuarak, Lee Inuarak & Rhoda Arnakallak, nakurmiimarialluk, you all helped us in one way or another and we are greatful.

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